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Site Building

Nic Laflin: "Using Drupal as a Platform"

April 2014

One of Drupal's greatest strengths comes from it's flexibility and ability to model content so well.

Successful design agencies will tell you one of the keys to a successful project is the discovery process.  You need to build a content and information strategy first.  Then you can create the visual designs and build the site.

We will explore how the discovery and development process changes depending on whether you are building for a platform versus a single site.

Ed Carlevale: "Blending Drupal Distributions for Custom Websites"

September 2013

The best distributions come with terrific power and functionality, but so often they have to be reworked extensively in order to suit one's individual needs. Several of them deploy the Organic Groups module in brilliant ways, but sometimes one needs functionality beyond what these distributions provide out of the box. This is where Pantheon, a hosting and development platform, comes to the rescue.