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Antonio Savorelli: A Night Full of Sass

April 2017

Sass has awesome built right into its name, and there’s a reason for that: it takes CSS and adds a preprocessing layer that saves tons of time and allows web designers to streamline the way they write their style sheets. This talk addresses the basics of Sass, gives some solid advice on how to integrate it with the Drupal theming workflow (on 7 and 8), and reveals a couple of extra tricks that will make your workday feel like the weekend.

Dani Nordin & Salem Ghoweri: Data-driven design systems - how to create a web styleguide that doesn't lie

December 2016

As UX becomes increasingly Agile, a need arises to quickly create and iterate new interface elements. Many popular frameworks exist to document front-end design patterns. Most of them connect directly to the website's CSS, and help developers easily create new interface elements and templates.

But what happens when the design and UX team can't work in code? How can we create truly cross-functional design documentation that works both for developers and designers?

In this session, we will

Heather Bauer: Choosing a Graphing Library for the Modern Web

October 2016

Flash is getting phased out and there is an increasing focus on mobile, responsive design, and scalability. This is leading many teams to consider new options for their graphing libraries. Sometimes non-technical teammates are finding themselves in a position where they have to choose this new library even if they are not the person who will be implementing it.

JP McNeal: AMP up your Drupal Site

October 2016

Let's face it... sometimes mobile web pages suck. Ads, social sharing widgets, auto-playing videos, and other "enhancements" can actually make reading articles on your phone an exercise in frustration. In early 2016, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to solve this problem. AMP is an open source project designed for publishers who create mobile content. The first part of the session will be a general overview of AMP.

Drew Trafton: Precision Theming - Leveraging modern technologies for the next generation of Drupal sites

April 2016

In this presentation, you will learn battle-tested strategies for bringing your Drupal theme in the modern era of the web. Significant performance, maintainability, and workflow improvements can be achieved by taking full advantage of the flexibility of Drupal's templating layer as well as modern web technologies. Strategies discussed include NodeJS build systems, Precision Asset Loading (or Code Splitting), and "Nearly Headless" (Decoupled) Drupal using ReactJS.

Scott Lozier: Foundation with D8: Theme and Load Responsively

September 2015

Getting ready to start your Drupal 8 site? How do you start theming it? Should you use SASS? How does Drupal’s new theming system integrate with a framework? Are you thinking about using media queries to load responsive content? 

In this session, Scott Lozier will show you how to start you Drupal 8 site using the Zurb Foundation theme.

Jesse Beach: "The Semantic Application Layer and Accessibility"

October 2013

We often think, if at all, of accessibility as something to be addressed after development cycles are complete: "make it accessible". But simply being accessible is often far from usable and nowhere near delightful. My participation with Drupal core issues to improve the authoring experience in the upcoming 8 release has given me a different perspective. We can structure our applications to make them more maintainable and accessible with little additional effort.