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Drupal Nights

Dani Nordin: "UX Design for Content Management Systems"

January 2015

Knowing who you're designing for is a vital part of every UX project. But what happens when you're not just designing for end users, i.e. site visitors, but also:

  • Content creators?
  • Website maintainers?
  • Dozens, or even hundreds of people from multiple departments within an organization—each with different content needs, levels of computer literacy, and each of whom is responsible for a significant portion of your site's content?

This is what UX Designers have to deal with when we work with a

Dan Andrews & Rosalie Keane: "Supporting Drupal"

December 2014

I finished a Drupal site, now what? How do I handle supporting my user base? How should I handle rolling out new features or changes? Supporting a Drupal site or even a Drupal based SaaS (Software as a Service) environment can be a daunting task.

This presentation will focus on our approach to handling, supporting and continually updating our Drupal based application. We will cover the following:

  • Support timeline, everything from the issue occuring to the user being informed it has been

Erich Beyrent: "The Digital Mayflower - Data Pilgrimage With the Migrate Module"

November 2014

In the year 1620, a collection of data left their proprietary database in search of a new, open ecosystem.  Okay, so maybe that's not quite how the story goes, but it works for a modern reboot of the classic saga.  

That moment of panic when someone assigns you the task of migrating a legacy site into Drupal.  It's a daunting project, fraught with undocumented data, mixed character sets, bizarre content modules, and impossible deadlines.

Heather Bauer: "User Research When You Can't Reach Your Users"

October 2014

You’ve finally convinced your stakeholders that user research is a vital part of the design and development process. You’re all jazzed up to start creating your research plan when you realize that you cannot reach out to your users and your audience is so niche that getting people outside of your users to participate in your user tests would be worse than useless. What then?

This session will discuss what to do when you have stakeholder buy in to do user research but you can’t actually reach

Chris Wells: "Intro to Contributing -or- How Can I Help?"

September 2014

Contributing to any open source project can be intimidating, but particularly so with a project as large and successful as Drupal. It is because of this success that the Drupal community needs more contributors like you. How can you get over the hump of intimidation and help with the project?

This session will focus on the issue queue and how to use it. Most importantly, we will teach you how to find issues you can work on. We will also cover the following:

  • Tools needed to generate patches

Moshe Weitzman: "A Tour of Drush"

August 2014

Drush speeds up many common Drupal tasks. It is also the basis of many one-off and automation scripts related to Drupal. Moshe will demonstrate the installation and common uses of Drush, the command line shell for Drupal.

Moshe will demonstrate the installation and common uses of Drush, the command line shell for Drupal. Drush speeds up many common Drupal tasks. It is also the basis of many one-off and automation scripts related to Drupal.

Ask The Experts - One Year Anniversary Event

July 2014

How often do you get the opportunity to ask experts in your field any question you want? How about the chance to revisit tremendous presentations given by experienced professionals active in the Drupal community? I know... right?

Drupal Nights invites you to our one-year anniversary celebration, Ask-The-Experts. Our esteemed Drupal presenters return for a one-night-only event where the audience decides the agenda by asking this prestigious panel questions.

Micky Metts: "VoipDrupal - Your Site and a Regular Phone... installed in 20 minutes!"

June 2014

Go to a Website? Ain't Nobody got Time for That!

This is an introduction to VoipDrupal and how you can use it on your site to allow visitors to call and receive information, or your Website can call or text members (Call Blast).  You can create an instant conference line, or setup a PBX style system where the caller can make choices on what extension they reach.  Each entity can have a unique phone extension.

VOIP Drupal is a suite of modules that consists of core modules that interact with

Chris Pliakas: "Accelerate Drupal Development By Getting Off The Island"

May 2014

As Drupal 8 development marches forward, it is clear that the community is looking beyond its borders by integrating non-Drupal projects into core. However the current Drupal landscape, including Drupal 8, makes it difficult for module developers to benefit from third-party code in the same way that Drupal 8 core does.

Nic Laflin: "Using Drupal as a Platform"

April 2014

One of Drupal's greatest strengths comes from it's flexibility and ability to model content so well.

Successful design agencies will tell you one of the keys to a successful project is the discovery process.  You need to build a content and information strategy first.  Then you can create the visual designs and build the site.

We will explore how the discovery and development process changes depending on whether you are building for a platform versus a single site.