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Peter Wolanin & Moshe Weitzman: Cracking Drupal

September 2016

Security is paramount, for almost any web application. We will take a look at security best practices to keep your site safe and take the perspective of an attacker to understand how they exploit things. We will show you common mistakes that Drupal Developers make when they write code and how they can be avoided. As members of the security team and code review administrators on we have seen a lot of code and what can go wrong with it. Sharing our experience about:

  • XSS, CSRF, Access

Michelle Lauer: "From User Personas to Testing: A Project Manager's Journey towards Behat"

June 2014

With a strong desire to reduce our technical & product debt, or at the very least stop adding more, our team explored options to optimize our QA process. We have landed at the beginning of a new journey starting with user personas and ending with automated testing.; behavior driven development (BDD) focuses on the users' experience as the primary deliverable.

"Behat is a tool that makes behavior driven development (BDD) possible.

Seth Cohn: "Drupal Chef: Bork Bork Bork!"

September 2013

Opscode Chef is an open source systems integration framework, meant to reduce "one off" server building, allowing scalable architecture to be easily replicated, but also to allowing you to keep development, staging and production boxes in sync.. You write (and/or seek out) basic recipes to describe how you want each part of your infrastructure to be built. We'll discuss using Chef in a Drupal context.

Starting from scratch with simple server concepts like a fully managed LAMP stack, we'll add