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Ed Carlevale: "Blending Drupal Distributions for Custom Websites"

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 6:30pm

Drupal Nights

Davenport Conference Room
25 1st Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

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The best distributions come with terrific power and functionality, but so often they have to be reworked extensively in order to suit one's individual needs. Several of them deploy the Organic Groups module in brilliant ways, but sometimes one needs functionality beyond what these distributions provide out of the box. This is where Pantheon, a hosting and development platform, comes to the rescue. Beyond being so intuitive and powerful, Pantheon allows you to set up sandbox sites of each distribution, so that you can explore its functionality and detach as modular units only the functionality that you want. These modular units can pulled into your own websites.

Learn how to build on the work of the brilliant developers who built PantheonPanopolyOpen AtriumCOD (Conference Organizing Distribution), and Drupal Commons.

Ed Carlevale

Ed Carlevale is a long-time (22 years) web developer at MIT, working in the area of energy and sustainability. He has created websites for top faculty, including Nobel Laureate Mario Molina and National Medal of Science Recipient Penny Chisholm and is currently working for the EBICS Program in Biological Engineering. As the founder of the nascent MIT Drupal Group, he has helped organize many Drupal events at MIT, including Dries Buytaert's "State of Drupal" (MIT World, 2009), Boston Design4Drupal Camp 2009 and 2010, as well as the monthly meetings of the Boston Drupal Group. Additionally, Ed contributed two chapters (Creating Community Websites with Organic Groups and Setting up a Drupal Development Environment with Dev Desktop) and completed book-wide editing of the infamous Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.