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Kay VanValkenburgh: "Client Training Rollouts Using Personas"

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 6:30pm

Drupal Nights

Davenport Conference Room
25 1st Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

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Our challenge as web professionals has long been to enable our clients to publish online.  Employees currently publish on behalf of their employers using email, word processors and PowerPoint.  Nothing could be more natural.  Unfortunately, empowerment to publish to the web has a history of being stigmatized by barriers.  However, the tools already exist for thought leaders, process creators and information analysts to publish directly to the web without first "learning Drupal."  (And no, the answer does not rest with Wysiwyg.)

Web professionals need to match the content and methodologies of their training to the needs of their client’s organization.  This will increase the web site’s value and usage.  But how do you match these to the large and varied community that could be using your site?  

We will explore how to identify different personas within your client's userbase to create a manageable set of archetypes to which you can tailor your training.  By understanding the different segments, you can create targeted in-app guidance and formal classes.  The result will be educated and comfortable users that will increase adoption of the project and web site.

By assessing their needs and planing "the handoff" to your clients, you can maintain quality and overcome the challenges of sizing, budgeting and sourcing the related efforts.

Kay VanValkenburgh

Kay VanValkenburgh is a Boston-based Drupal project director with a strong focus on training and mentorship. His latest venture is OwnSourcing, started in 2010 to develop hands-on training and project-specific documentation that help non-developers do great things with Drupal. Under the same aegis, Kay founded a mentorship program to help budding Drupal developers get their start. Kay geeks out on usable software, how people learn, world languages, and competitive sailing.