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Presenter Information

Event Schedule 

  • 6:00pm – Speaker arrives and gets set up.
  • 6:15pm – Food is delivered.
  • 6:30pm – Attendees arrive and eat and mingle.
  • 7:00pm – Presentation begins.
    • They usually last about an hour. Depending on the speaker and style of presentation, questions can happen throughout or at the end.
    • Note that we are recording the talks and will be posting them on our website.
  • 8:15pm – Final mingling as we break down the equipment.


We want you to present on something Drupal/website related that you are familar with and comfortable answering questions about.  Take a look at the specific topics we've covered in the past.  Are there any gaps you could fill?  Consider any of the following categories:

  • Project Management
  • Business
  • Design, UX/UI 
  • Site Building  
  • Theming
  • Module Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Testing

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Tips For A Successful Presentation

  • Presentations should about an hour (inclusive of questions) and be in camp/con format with a slide deck.
  • Feel free to fill your slides up with links/resources since people can download them after the presentation.
  • Slides should follow the classic approach:
    • This is what I am going to tell you
    • This is me telling you
    • This is what I told you 
  • We video record these so, “sitting and typing” doesn’t work as well.
  • It is a small audience, so you can easily interact with them.  
  • It is up to you the tone you want to set.  You can start off by engaging the audience and thus encouraging questions throughout, or you can just do your thing and most people will wait until the end for questions.
    • Obviously, if someone does have a question, we don’t stop them from interrupting.
  • Never count on quality internet.  Your presentation should be saved on your hard drive.

Some relevant references:

Information Needed to Post Your Event

  • D.O. user id/link 
  • Screen name you are most commonly known as
  • A headshot (the one you use everywhere for your tech avatar)
  • A Bio
  • The title of your presentation
  • The description of your presentation
  • Your slides or other materials (after the event)