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Upcoming Drupal Nights

Feb 6 - 6:30 pm
Drupal Nights

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Title Categorysort descending Event Type Date Video Slides
Dan Andrews & Rosalie Keane: "Supporting Drupal" Project Management Drupal Nights December 2014
Kay VanValkenburgh: "Client Training Rollouts Using Personas" Project Management Drupal Nights February 2014
Diliny Corlosquet: "Agile Product Development: A Journey Through Uncharted Waters" Project Management Drupal Camp April 2014
Michelle Lauer: "From User Personas to Testing: A Project Manager's Journey towards Behat" Project Management DrupalCon June 2014
Michelle Lauer: "From User Personas to Testing: A Project Manager's Journey Towards Behat" Project Management Drupal Camp August 2014
Heather Bauer: To Code or Not to Code? Project Management Drupal Camp July 2016
Ben Melançon: SaaS! How Drupal as a service can save us all Business Drupal Nights February 2017
Micky Metts: Cooperative Development - Thinking Outside the Boss! Business Drupal Nights August 2015
Jason Pamental: "Think Responsively, Design Responsibly" Design Drupal Nights November 2013
Nic Laflin: "Using Drupal as a Platform" Site Building Drupal Nights April 2014
Alejandro Garza: "What's for dinner: Drupal + Apache Solr Search" Site Building Drupal Nights February 2015
Renato Castillo: "It's moving day! Why not make moving data easier?" Site Building Drupal Nights March 2015
Stéphane Corlosquet: "Using to Improve SEO" Site Building Drupal Nights April 2015
Andrew Brown: Drupal Yoga: Creating a Flexible Website with Paragraphs and Bootstrap Site Building Drupal Nights October 2017
David Tarrant: Integrating CiviCRM with Drupal to Drive Non-profit Websites Site Building Drupal Nights May 2015
Micky Metts: "VoipDrupal - Your Site and a Regular Phone... installed in 20 minutes!" Site Building Drupal Nights June 2014
Kevin Baringer: Drupal Commerce 2.0 for D8 Site Building Drupal Nights August 2016
Ed Carlevale: "Blending Drupal Distributions for Custom Websites" Site Building Drupal Nights September 2013
Moshe Weitzman: D8 Configuration Management Site Building Drupal Nights December 2015
Ed Carlevale: Drupal in Higher Ed Site Building Drupal Nights February 2016