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Call for Contractors!

BioRAFT wants to talk to experienced Drupal 8 developers about some exciting upcoming projects. We are expanding and enhancing our core application's functionality, and have many challenging and interesting development projects that we could use help on. Best yet, we plan on contributing all of this development back to the community!

We have projects small and large. In some cases, it may be applying new feature patches to existing modules, and in other cases, developing supporting add-on modules or even a brand-new contrib modules. Our goal is to give back to the community by sponsoring useful and quality-built Drupal 8 development that will further our application's functionality (and hopefully others' too).

Upcoming Projects

Below is a small taste of the type of projects we have in mind. All development is in Drupal 8.


Inside of the BioRAFT application, our users are helped by wizards that walk them through multi-step processes to easily complete a task. An example of a simple wizard is our new user's initial setup wizard, which collects information about who they are, the type of work they perform, and who they work with.

This is a system we developed. We'd like to enhance our wizard functionality with a focus on making it more configureable and user friendly as well as a D8 contrib module.

We are looking for developers interested in working with the GUI, workflows managed by the wizard, and the logic in the wizard steps. The development must integrate with OG, Context, Rules, Views, and other common contrib modules.

OG Extensions and Enhancements

We use OG heavily, and are extending its capabilities in new ways.

We are looking for developers interested in working on history tracking, nested group hierarchies, integration with external systems, and configuring roles within groups and subgroups.


We have interesting and challenging messaging needs for communicating to our application's end-users. We need to send and track messages in a variety of ways. We want to architect the most robust messaging system possible.

We are looking for developers interested in working on various models for automated and automatic messaging, internal messaging systems, user access controls for messages, messaging templates, message aggregation, and integration with external systems in a way that works with OG, Context, Rules, Views and other contrib modules.

SCORM Training Delivery

We'd like to enhance our training system by building a SCORM compatible Drupal 8 training delivery module.

We are looking for developers interested in working with SCORM standards, quizzes, and records of training histories, as well as full Tin Can and related API compliance.

We Need You

How to Find Us

Reach out to Diliny Corlosquet and Michelle Lauer who are leading our community contribution initiatives. Additionally, Justin Ludwig and Erich Beyrent are our senior developers leading the D8 charge. Feel free to use their contact forms on to schedule a chat!

Diliny Corlosquet
Michelle Lauer
Justin Ludwig
Erich Beyrent