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Drupal Nights

Justin Ludwig: Falling in love with software development... Again!

December 2017

Technology has always fascinated me. When my parents brought home their first PC and showed me Netscape Navigator, I wanted to create my own websites. GeoCities kind of quenched my thirst until my parents bought a new computer and gave me their old one. I was hooked. I still mostly used their computer because mine rarely worked after discovering Linux. I loved it. If school wasn't in the picture, I would be happy.

So, I tested out of high school and had to get a job at a warehouse.

Andrew Brown: Drupal Yoga: Creating a Flexible Website with Paragraphs and Bootstrap

October 2017

Learn how to use the combination of a Bootstrap theme and the Paragraphs module to create a responsive Drupal 8 website that still gives content editors free reign over their content layout.

Content on the internet has changed since we first started creating websites.

Rob Powell: One year retro from a Drupal Noobie

August 2017

In 2016 it was decided that Commonwealth of MA would start working in Drupal. At the time, I was coming off a year and half stint in Django/python and was trying to determine how best to attack learning Drupal. Everyone learns differently and I decided on the sink or swim / trial by fire methodology. To achieve this I joined several side projects, all in Drupal. This presentation will focus on the following:

  • lessons learned from the last year
  • identify different avenues for learning Drupal

Joshua Bolduc: Drupal 8 Plugins

June 2017

From blocks, to views, to entities, plugins are one of the major foundational concepts in Drupal 8. But what exactly is a plugin? In this technical presentation we'll begin with a brief introduction about what plugins are, their advantages and how they fit within the broader context of Drupal.

Next you'll learn how easy it is to create your own plugin by extending any of the dozens of available plugin types in core.

We'll unravel the mysteries of Plugin Derivatives; how you can write one

Ben Melançon: SaaS! How Drupal as a service can save us all

February 2017

Drupal is—as always—better and more successful than ever, but Drupal is threatened from two sides. On the one, we risk discouraging new contributors who face an ever more difficult ascent, choking off our own lifeblood. On the other, proprietary platforms increasingly squeeze out custom web development through sheer economies of scale. Retreating into Drupal's new fortress, the enterprise, aside from leaving many of us behind, doesn't change these dynamics.

Adding a new economic model, that of

Antonio Savorelli: A Night Full of Sass

April 2017

Sass has awesome built right into its name, and there’s a reason for that: it takes CSS and adds a preprocessing layer that saves tons of time and allows web designers to streamline the way they write their style sheets. This talk addresses the basics of Sass, gives some solid advice on how to integrate it with the Drupal theming workflow (on 7 and 8), and reveals a couple of extra tricks that will make your workday feel like the weekend.

Dani Nordin & Salem Ghoweri: Data-driven design systems - how to create a web styleguide that doesn't lie

December 2016

As UX becomes increasingly Agile, a need arises to quickly create and iterate new interface elements. Many popular frameworks exist to document front-end design patterns. Most of them connect directly to the website's CSS, and help developers easily create new interface elements and templates.

But what happens when the design and UX team can't work in code? How can we create truly cross-functional design documentation that works both for developers and designers?

In this session, we will

Peter Wolanin: Drupal 8, where did the code go? From info hook to plugin.

November 2016

Looking at core and contrib modules for Drupal 8, you may be wondering "where did the code go?".

Drupal 8 has removed many of the "info" hooks that were found in your module file and converted them to plugins.

This session will be a practical discussion of how plugins work and how to upgrade your module to Drupal 8 if it used one of these hooks that's been converted to a plugin. I will include example of code from Drupal 7 and where the very similar code lives in Drupal 8.

In addition I'll

Kelly Albrecht: We Sold Drupal to the World, Now We Must Support It

June 2016

Drupal, over the past several years, has largely been a technology solution that almost sells itself. From huge organizations (like NYSE, NBC, Sony, Pfizer) to entire governments to well established educational institutions (such as Yale, MIT, UMASS), much of the world has standardized on Drupal as their solution for millions of websites.

As an open source community, we've built an amazing solution. The world has adopted it, and now we must support it.

This presentation discusses some reasons

Erich Beyrent: Configuration as Dependency: Managing Drupal 8 Configuration with git and Composer

September 2016

Drupal 8 provides a robust configuration management system which represents a paradigm shift from previous versions of Drupal.  It's now easier than ever to represent your configuration in code and manage it with source control.  However, that may not be enough.

This session will propose a new strategy for thinking about Drupal 8 configuration, treating it as just another dependency, managed the same way code dependencies are managed with Composer.

We'll cover:

  • Drupal 8 configuration