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Nic Laflin: "Using Drupal as a Platform"

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 6:30pm

Drupal Nights

Davenport Conference Room
25 1st Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

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One of Drupal's greatest strengths comes from it's flexibility and ability to model content so well.

Successful design agencies will tell you one of the keys to a successful project is the discovery process.  You need to build a content and information strategy first.  Then you can create the visual designs and build the site.

We will explore how the discovery and development process changes depending on whether you are building for a platform versus a single site.  Then we can leverage Drupal to do the heavy lifting for already solved problems and take that to the next level with distributions. 

Let Drupal take care of the standard so you can build the amazing.

Nic Laflin

I have been working with Drupal since late 2008 and own a company that provides creative solutions for everyday problems my clients have. I speak at local DrupalCamps and I am a cohost on the weekly Talking Drupal podcast.   My passion is automation and I work with aegir and an internal distributions and was recently made a co-maintainer of the Galaxy project. Galaxy is a term Bryan Ollendyke and I coined to describe a system of systems. The Galaxy project is meant to codify creating ELMSLN like solutions. It's the next level of automation.