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Kristof Van Tomme: Drupal for Documentation and Developer Portals

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Drupal Nights

PLUG Cambridge
618 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

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Drupal really shines when you need to integrate lots of different types of content from different origins. This is exactly what is required to make a great developer or documentation portal. In this session I will walk make an overview of a number of projects we've done, prototypes we've built and explain how they can be used to build the ultimate developer experience.

Kristof Van Tomme

I'm CEO/co-founder of Pronovix, a Drupal company specialised in Developer Portals, Documentation systems, and API integrations. I've got a degree in bioengineering and made my first Drupal site in 2005 for a tech transfer office. In 2007, I started an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged, one year later together with Gabor, I helped bring Drupalcon to my then home town. Drupalcon was the first of a string of community events that I've helped initiatiate and realize (Drupalcamps, Drupal Dev Days, Drupal CXOs,...).

I love public speaking, especially if I can talk about business and community strategy at Drupal and Open Source related events. Since 2010 I've been building bridges between the (DITA) Documentation and Drupal community, as part of these activities I've started a Write The Docs meetup in London. I'm always looking for creative ways to expand the field of collaboration in the Drupal community as a means to differentiate my business, and at the same time expand the market for our community.