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Drupal Nights

Kristof Van Tomme: Drupal for Documentation and Developer Portals

May 2016

Drupal really shines when you need to integrate lots of different types of content from different origins. This is exactly what is required to make a great developer or documentation portal. In this session I will walk make an overview of a number of projects we've done, prototypes we've built and explain how they can be used to build the ultimate developer experience.

Drew Trafton: Precision Theming - Leveraging modern technologies for the next generation of Drupal sites

April 2016

In this presentation, you will learn battle-tested strategies for bringing your Drupal theme in the modern era of the web. Significant performance, maintainability, and workflow improvements can be achieved by taking full advantage of the flexibility of Drupal's templating layer as well as modern web technologies. Strategies discussed include NodeJS build systems, Precision Asset Loading (or Code Splitting), and "Nearly Headless" (Decoupled) Drupal using ReactJS.

Heather Bauer: Are Mega Menus Really Heroic?

March 2016

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? What if you have a feature that a user can’t find - does it really exist?

Hero menus (more formally known as mega menus) have become increasingly popular for large sites with many sections and pieces of information to put all of the options in front of the user at once.

Ed Carlevale: Drupal in Higher Ed

February 2016

Drupal in Higher Ed: New hosting options from Pantheon and Acquia bring efficiency to academic web development.

New hosting options from Pantheon and Acquia solve several key problems in academic web development. They shift the base of operations from university-wide solutions and single-site development, introducing a new ecosystem to academic development that better represents the actual structure within universities.

Drupal 8 Release Party

November 2015

Drupal Nights will be postposing our November presentation in order to participate in the official Drupal 8 Release Party!

It’s been years in the making, but the day is finally here: Drupal 8 makes its debut on November 19, 2015!

To honor this major Drupal milestone, and to applaud the efforts of thousands of contributors around the globe, we’re celebrating!

Moshe Weitzman: D8 Configuration Management

December 2015

Configuration Management is a game changer for Drupal development. Understanding how it works helps you to harmonize the moving pieces when designing a code deployment workflow for Drupal 8 sites. This session proposes a full circle workflow for pushing from multiple development environments to staging/QA and finally to production, and then integrating back changes that were made directly on Prod (a Block weight gets changed, a View gets changed, etc.).

The workflow proposes that code and

Michael Miles: The Flexibility of Drupal

January 2016

No other CMS offers more flexibility then Drupal. If you need to implement a piece of functionality or change a piece of data, there are a million different ways you can go about it. However, this flexibility can also be daunting and frustrating. How do you know if you are going about your changes the “right" way? The truth of the matter is that there is no “right" way - just the “right for me” way. Any method you choose will come with it’s own sets of drawbacks and benefits.

Aaron Bello: "GNU Emacs As a Tool For Drupal Website Development and Management"

October 2015

GNU Emacs (a.k.a. An editor of a Lifetime) is more than an editor, a powerful tool for all programmers. It is extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. Beyond just being able to edit files, Emacs includes special features to help you write in many different human languages and programming/markup languages. It can functions as well as tools for compiling, running, and testing programs.

This presentation will demonstrate how to use Emacs in your day to day Drupal

Scott Lozier: Foundation with D8: Theme and Load Responsively

September 2015

Getting ready to start your Drupal 8 site? How do you start theming it? Should you use SASS? How does Drupal’s new theming system integrate with a framework? Are you thinking about using media queries to load responsive content? 

In this session, Scott Lozier will show you how to start you Drupal 8 site using the Zurb Foundation theme.

Micky Metts: Cooperative Development - Thinking Outside the Boss!

August 2015

Bringing democracy and social equality to your projects through cooperation. Joining, forming, and running worker-owned businesses in web development.

Worker-owned cooperatives are businesses owned and controlled by the people who work in them. They are a time-tested way to create quality jobs, and are gaining momentum as a strategy to build and anchor wealth in communities.

Justice is a big part of the worker cooperative movement.